Price Guide

Price Guide

Towing Price Guide

Please use these prices as a guide, prices may vary on location, size and the condition of the towing load.

Please call or use quote form for an exact price.

Local Price List

All prices are exclusive of GST & Tolls
Terms and Conditions apply
25 km Radius of Wetherill Park

Car Towing From $132.00
Containers From $220.00

Containers (loaded) From $330.00

Skidsteer From $165.00

Excavators (1 – 4 ton) From $242.00

Excavators (5 ton) From $275.00

Excavators (8 ton) From $330.00

Rollers From $165.00

Scissors 19ft – 32ft From $154.00

Rough Terrain 26ft – 32ft From $154.00

Forklifts From $165.00

Telehandlers From $198.00

Boom lifts

34ft Boom From  $198.00

45ft Boom From  $220.00

Out Of Town Rates

Kilometre Rate (medium rigid) $4.53

Hourly Rate

$165.00 per hour

Kilometer Rate (heavy rigid)

$5.00 per km

Must be under 4.5 Tonne

Sydney To Newcastle Towing FROM  $825.00
Newcastle To Sydney Towing FROM  $825.00

Sydney to Wollongong Towing FROM  $495.00
Wollongong To Sydney Towing FROM $495.00

Sydney to Canberra         From   $1,050.00
Canberra to Sydney From $1,050.00

Sydney to Bathurst Towing FROM $897.00
Bathurst to Sydney Towing FROM $897.00

Sydney to Orange Towing FROM $1,050.00
Orange to Sydney Towing    FROM $1,050.00

Sydney to Central Coast    FROM $495.00
Central Coast to Sydney     FROM $495.00

Sydney to Nowra Towing    FROM $825.00
Nowra to Sydney Towing    FROM $825.00

HOTSHOT Tilt Tray Service
Sydney To Brisbane From 3,220.00
Sydney to Melbourne From $3,080.00
Sydney to Adelaide From $4,900.00
Sydney to Perth within 7 DAYS From $13,790.00

We offer cheaper rates if not urgent on interstate jobs where we can send a full trailer load to our transport depo
within 14 days with a tilt, tray Pick up and delivery to your door

We Can Carry up to 10 Tonne on our Tilt Trays

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