Breaking down whilst on a road trip is a nightmare. Breaking down while towing a caravan or a boat then also takes it to a whole new level. But with our reliable service, we will take the worry out of any towing situation that may arise and We provide 24 hour tow truck service. That is why our comprehensive transport towing service is known to be one of the most used transport towing services in Sydney.

We pick up broken down or accident damaged vehicles not only in and around Sydney but also from various other places. Accident transport towing is one of our main services. We are proud to say that our good reputation as being the best in transport towing in Sydney, supersedes us. We want to keep it that way and will therefore help you in any way possible. We provide car, caravan and other transport towing in and around Sydney. We also want to live up to our motto: anywhere, anytime. So we make sure that we are available day or night, any day of the week.

And don’t worry, we are not only in Sydney. If you are looking for transport towing in Sydney or anywhere to or from our list of places, Machinery Transport Australia will come to your rescue. Our head office is in Sydney but if you need transport towing elsewhere, we also have trucks stationed in Wollongong, Newcastle.


We strive to deliver service excellence and this holds true for all our transport towing services, both in Sydney and elsewhere. We know that being stranded by the side of the road can really be a scary thought. So stop the worrying now and make sure that you have our contact details at hand if anything like that should ever happen to you.

No matter if it is a stranded car, a caravan, boat or something bigger. If you need transport towing to or from anywhere, contact us today to get a quote. You can also call us on 0409544456 or on 02 9521 1111 or e-mail us at a free quote.