1. By placing an order with Machinery Transport Australia , the customer agrees to the terms and conditions in the agreement.

2. Machinery Transport Australia Pty are not a common carrier and accepts no liability as such.

3. The customer is responsible for seeking its own insurance cover. No insurance will be arranged by Machinery Transport Australia Pty without express instructions in writing.

4. The Customer warrants that the adequacy of packing and accuracy of all markings, brandings, values and other particulars furnished to Machinery Transport Australia Pty is correct and indemnifies Machinery Transport Australia Pty against all loss, damage, expenses and fines arising from inadequacy or inaccuracy.

5. Changes to weights and/or dimensions will require re-quoting.

6. Demurrage will apply if the loading/unloading times are over and above what is stated in this quotation.

7. Subject to approvals and permit conditions from all relevant States or Territories for over dimensional loads.

8. For non-account holders and cash customers’ payment will be made, completed and confirmed before unloading.

9. All Road Tolls will be added at cost to each trip.

10. Contact information for Delivery /Pickups if incorrect the item will be Delivered/Picked from the address given by the customer or as close as we can.if location is unsafe to drop off or load job will be charged as a futile

11. Waiting Time (When a driver encounters delays on loading /unloading will commence after 15 mins
at a cost of $41.25 inc GST each 15 mins thereafter .

12. Customers with accounts agree to strictly adhere to payment on or before the 14th day of the Date of sale or as specified in a contract terms and conditions.

13. Late payments will be charged interest calculated daily as per Terms and Conditions

14. In the event of non-payment for services supplied, the customer shall pay all legal costs and other expenses incurred by Machinery Transport Australia Pty in the recovery of any unpaid account.

15. Machinery Transport Australia Pty reserves the right to seek compensation for out-pocket expenses resulting from early termination or modification of the contract by a customer.

16. Quotations for the Services are made on an immediate acceptance basis and are subject to withdrawal or revision without notice at the Company’s discretion.

17. Quotations valid for 7 days.