Forklift Transport

Forklifts big and small are used on a variety of projects. You can’t drive a forklift on a public road, forklifts have to be transported from one location to another. You need our specialist forklift transport whether you are in Sydney and just need to move your forklift to another building site or whether you have a big project coming up somewhere else in the country and need your forklift transported there.

We are the best known forklift transport company in Sydney for under 3 meters Tall.Our drivers are also specially trained in the handling of forklift transport. Safety is our utmost concern and our dedicated drivers have been specially trained to look after your forklift while they transport it.

Everybody knows that a forklift that is not on site and working, means that you are not getting the work done and are probably losing money. We know that moving that forklift as quickly and efficiently as possible is very important to you. It is also important that we do it in a safe and cost-effective manner. Rest assured.

We can arrange local or interstate forklift transport from Sydney to Wollongong , Melbourne, Brisbane and in between. We will also do it so efficiently that you will not lose money for any delays of your forklift not being on site. We are here to give you our specialist advice and the best forklift transport Sydney has to offer.

We strive to deliver service excellence and this holds true not only for forklift transport but also for all our other transport and towing services.

When you need forklift transport, Sydney doesn’t offer better than us. With our reliable service track record in forklift transport, we stand by our policy that says: anywhere, anytime. We offer you reliability and peace of mind when you have to transport that forklift.

If you need forklift transport, contact us today to get a quote. You can also call us on 0409544456 or on 02 9521 1111